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Arbitration controversy looms in the first period of Real Madrid vs. Barcelona

The Barcelona players claimed a foul on Lionel Messi and a possible penalty on Ousmane Dembélé, which would have changed the course of the first half

The arbitration controversy appeared in the Classic of Spain in two actions that were presented in the first 45 minutes, both plays were claimed by soccer players from Barcelona, because in the 1-0 of Real Madrid, they demanded a foul on Lionel Messi and eight minutes from the end, they asked for a penalty on Ousmane Dembélé.

The play of the first goal was born from an action in which the Catalans claimed a foul by Lucas Vázquez on Lionel Messi, who attempted a self-pass, but was blocked by the Spanish. Later, the locals began to spin passes until they reached the right wing, where Lucas Vázquez reappeared to send a low center, which Karim Benzema defined in a great way at 13 ‘.

Already with the score 2-0, at 37, Ousmane Dembélé entered the meringues area, he was shaping up to shoot at Thibaut Courtois’ goal, but was shot down by Ferland Mendy, who carried him from behind. However, Jesús Gol Manzano, the central referee, chose not to sanction the foul in view of the claims of the Catalans footballers.

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