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Arauz or Correa? Lasso confirms which message surprised him the most

Since 19:00 last Sunday, the end of the election, the candidate Guillermo Lasso received messages about his victory. Presidents of the region, public officials and even opponents extended their respective congratulations, including Andrés Arauz and Rafael Correa.

Lasso, president-elect, confessed to Fernando del Rincón that the message and call of Arauz, like the reaction of Correa, they surprised him equally. “I have to recognize that they are two democratic attitudes that help to strengthen democratic institutions in Ecuador.”

What did Arauz tell him?

“The conversation with Andres Arauz it was very frank, very direct where he recognizes our triumph and expresses his decision to collaborate with the democratic institutionality “, he said.

At the same time, Lasso indicated that he does not seek political persecution from anyone. “Now that justice has to pursue its objectives, obviously it has to. I don’t come with a list of people or Ecuadorians that I want to see in jail ”.

Politicians who will invite to his inauguration?

Del Rincón launched several names for Lasso to answer if he will invite them to his inauguration (May 24). The president-elect of Ecuador assured that he would not invite Nicolás Maduro, but stressed that Juan Guaidó will be invited, since he is recognized as the president in charge of Venezuela by Ecuador and by more than 50 nations.


Nicolas Maduro, President of Venezuela: NO

Alberto Fernandez, President of Argentina: YES

Daniel Ortega, President of Nicaragua: YES

Manuel Lopez Obrador, President of Mexico: YES

Miguel Diaz Canel, President of Cuba: YES

Juan Guaidó, self-proclaimed president of Venezuela: YES

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