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Aquarius Horoscope for May 2021: Your predictions for the month

The month begins with the moon waning in your sign, so emotionally and physically, you can feel very exhausted, but this will only be during the first week of the month. Take advantage of it to rest, find some time alone in which you can review your plans, strategy and desires, to re-calibrate before returning to battle.,h_1000,c_limit/horoscopo%20de%20hoy%20newsletter.jpg

Your horoscopes for May 2021 place a lot of emphasis on your passions, your talent, the spark that ignites your heart and makes you feel alive. And for that, May is to chase a dream, project or relationship, which really excites you. And the ideas, news and talks that come to your world will help you detect them.

If you are single, or looking for a new conquest in any area of ​​life, May favors you to find an opportunity. But I suggest you go calmly and with planning, little by little, because what starts to move in this month will change direction in June, so there is no rush at all.

On April 11, we have a new moon in Taurus, the one that gives you fifteen days to move and return home, build a new home or start a new family story. It is the time of year in which a news or decision marks the beginning of a different stage at home, and the moves begin to be prepared.

Even if May is going to keep you very busy, do not stop paying attention to what you begin to notice in your economic and financial environment starting May 13, since that day, eleven weeks begin that will allow you to discover the expansion plans and professional and wealth growth, that 2022 can help you achieve.

The sun activates your area of ​​creation and fertility on May 20, so from that day, and throughout the next four weeks, you will be able to invest your energy, talent and attention in the creation of any new projectThat excites you and helps you fall in love with the life you build for yourself.

Saturn has been in your sign since the beginning of the year, and on May 23, its retrogradation begins, it is the first cycle of feedback and review that the lord of karma does with you. You should not worry, because everything that is shown or that you discover in this period, only makes evident behaviors, ideas and patterns that you can no longer continue to feed, because with this, the only one you are hurting, is yourself.

The thing that will generate the most noise during the month is the eclipse of May 26, which warns you that the time has come to close a chapter of life, which involves your friends, coworkers or team of collaborators. It is a moment of closings and goodbyes, of transformation and of accepting that the rest of the way involves some time alone, before growing towards where you want.

Although we will talk more about it in June, it is important for you to know that on May 29, Mercury begins its second retro of the year, and this time you can bring an ex love or ex project, back to your path. It is one of those moments that they come to see if there is ashes where there once was fire.

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