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Apple’s electric and autonomous car will be a real nightmare for premium firms – News – Hybrids and Electric

Last week the Chinese telecommunications giant, Xiaomi, confirmed its entry into the automotive sector with the help of electric cars. Now, having assimilated Xiaomi’s announcement, eyes are once again focused on Apple and the electric and autonomous car that they will present, potentially, in a period of no more than four years.

Even without any kind of official confirmation about the launch of Apple’s electric car, the truth is that the clues that its development is leaving behind only confirm that something is cooking in Apple’s headquarters. The last we heard about the development of the car from the Cupertino company was based on a patent on LiDAR sensors issued by the company two years ago.

However, the company is going through a difficult situation since They need a partner to bring them the experience that Apple lacks in manufacturing and production of cars in series. In the first instance, the perfect ally could be Hyundai, but the disagreements between the two companies and Apple’s authoritarian attitude in the deal made the Korean flee from it. Later, Nissan also made public its rejection of Apple.

Apple could be more disruptive than Tesla itself

The prelude that the sector lives before the arrival of Apple’s electric car is making many manufacturers have some fear of the launch of their autonomous carWell, if something is clear, it is that by the time Apple makes a foray into the automotive sector, it will do so with a clearly differentiated product with the sole purpose of breaking the foundations of the established. In fact, and as several analysts specialize in the matter anticipate, if Apple finally launches a product of this type, it is because they are sure that it will put a new point in the industry.

Several top executives have spoken out about Apple’s launch, stating that it will be a stimulus similar to Tesla’s and waiting to see what he finally proposes. But the truth is that the launch will hurt traditional manufacturers, and especially premium ones, because it is potentially an aspirational product whose launch will be surrounded by widespread interest not seen before in the industry.


Tim Cook, CEO de Apple.

So while they are trying to figure out how to build their autonomous electric car, the rest of the manufacturers look at the launch with suspicion, because they know that if Apple finally enters the automotive sector, a battle could open between traditional manufacturers and the Cupertino company itself.

The CEO of Toyota warned Apple about how complicated it is to make cars, and if he sets out to do so, he should fulfill the task until the end and have a view to remaining in the sector for several decades, since cars do not only have to be produced and sell them, but you also have to support the customer afterwards. The CEO of the Japanese firm thus referred to the fact that buying a car is the second most important outlay in the life of an average customer, and this has to be reciprocated by the firm being up to the task.

However, the truth is that the first product that Apple appears to be launching will not be targeted at individual customers, or at least it will not correspond to the concept that we have of a private car at the moment, since its concept of an autonomous car will prevail over that of a conventional car. A new concept that could well approximate that shown in the digital recreations of Emre Husmen, a Turkish digital artist and professional designer.

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