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Apple CEO Provides Details on Rumored Augmented Reality Technology and the Company’s Self-Driving Car


6 abr 2021 05:57 GMT

Tim Cook noted that the company “investigates a lot of things internally.”

The executive director of Apple, Tim Cook, offered this Monday in an interview with The New York Times some details about augmented reality technology and the autonomous car, which the apple company is supposedly developing.

According to previous reports, the technology giant is working on augmented reality headphones or glasses that could be presented during the company’s traditional event, the Worldwide Developers Conference, to be held next June, but Apple has not yet confirmed it. For her part, Cook told Kara Swisher on the latest edition of the ‘Sway’ podcast that she can’t “talk about anything that is or isn’t in the pipeline.”

However, he stressed that he is seeing “the take off of augmented reality in some areas” – such as health, education, games or retail – with the use of mobile phones. “And I believe that the offer will be even greater in the future,” Cook declared, confirming that this technology is a fundamental part of the future of Apple.

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As for the autonomous car, he noted that “it is going to be a little shy about it”, but added that, in his opinion, “autonomy is a fundamental technology”. “An autonomous car is a robot. And there are many things that can be done with autonomy. And we will see what Apple does. We investigate many things internally,” he said.

The manager also did not reveal whether it is a car or the technology for a car. “We love to integrate ‘hardware’, ‘software’ and services and find the intersection points of these because we think that’s where the magic happens,” he said. “We love having the primary technology around that,” he added.

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