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Antonio Valencia, low at the last minute for Querétaro

The Ecuadorian suffers a partial tear of the right soleus muscle, without prognosis to return to action

Queretaro announced the last minute removal of Antonio valencia for the duel before Juarez of Day 16 of Guard1anes Clausura 2021. In the report given by the feathers, the time that the Ecuadorian will be off the court was not specified.

White Roosters He published the news on his social networks an hour before the duel began in La Corregidora: “You will come back much stronger, Toño. We will miss you in today’s game”.

Within the report, it was reported that Valencia suffered a partial tear of the right soleus muscle. The Ecuadorian, with no prognosis to return to action, will undergo “conservative treatment and physiotherapy.”

Valencia, who registers a goal and an assist, has a total of 1,201 minutes in the tournament, a time that he added in 14 commitments.

Due to the absence of the South American, Gil Alcalá will be in charge of wearing the captain’s badge against Juárez. The goalkeeper is accompanied, in the eleven of Héctor Altamirano, by Omar Mendoza, Erick Vera, José Doldán, Daniel Cervantes, Kevin Ramírez, Fernando Madrigal, Jefferson Montero, Gonzalo Montes, Jonathan Dos Santos and Ángel Sepúlveda.

By Juarez, directed by Alfonso Sosa, jumped with Edmundo Vázquez Mellado, Alan Mendoza, Víctor Velázquez, Pol García, Ayron del Valle, José Esquivel, Flavio Santos, Francisco Nevaré, Matas García, Marco Fabián and Eryc Castillo.

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