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Antonio Attolini unleashed controversy after calling Kenia López Rabadán, a PAN senator, a “wretch” and “human misery”

Attolini once again caused controversy, now calling Kenia López Rabadán
Attolini once again caused controversy, now calling Kenia López Rabadán “Piltrafa” and “human misery” (Photo: Courtesy)

Antonio Attolini, militant of Brunette, the president’s party Andrés Manuel López Obrador, He again caused controversy for calling it “wretched” and “human misery” a Kenia López Rabadán, senator of the opposition PAN (National Action Party).

The Twitter post in which these personal disqualifications were made was as follows: “The senator president of the Senate Human Rights Commission is nothing more than a sham of what such a commission requires of a popular representative. Human misery. You’ll be in my end of year prayers”.

This tweet comes in response to a statement in which Lopez Rabadán criticized the Fourth transformation for just receiving 3,000 vaccinations on December 23rd. This was the statement: “Q4 presumes that 3,000 doses of vaccines arrived (for 1,500 people). Costa Rica with 5 million inhabitants received 10,000. We have 25 times more population. The United States has more than a million vaccinated in 7 days ”.

After Antonio Attolini unleashed controversy over his strong disqualifications to the PAN senator, received thousands of criticisms from multiple Twitter users. The label “#AttoliniCobarde”Became a trend in the aforementioned social network, being used, up to now, more than 10,000 times.

Attolini's message with which the controversy exploded (Photo: Twitter @ AntonioAttolini)
Attolini’s message with which the controversy exploded (Photo: Twitter @ AntonioAttolini)

In response to this wave of criticism and attacks, the Morena militant made two publications. In the first one affirmed that López Rabadán, from his seat in the Senate, has limited himself to observing the terrible economic and social crisis that COVID-19 caused in the country without doing anything about it.

His words were the following: “Let us not forget that in times of the worst crisis, there was someone from the highest order of popular representation (the senator is president of the Human Rights commission) he strove to see # Mexico burn in order to prove a point: that of his misery”.

He also claimed to be the victim of a series of personal attacks as a result of his statements. He affirmed that seeing those who do not militate with his ideas or with the Fourth Transformation react with anger to his statements is the best present he could have received. “A campaign has been unleashed against me since I called the senator @kenialopezr’s management a« wretched »for minimizing and ridiculing the effort of @G GobiernoMX to deliver vaccines in a timely manner. See them spit foam at the mouth, my best gift. let’s keep going”, He mentioned on the social network.

Another of Attolini's messages (Photo: Twitter @ AntonioAttolini)
Another of Attolini’s messages (Photo: Twitter @ AntonioAttolini)

Antonio Attolini is originally from de Torreon Coahuila and graduated from Political Science from the INational Autonomous Institute of Mexico (ITAM). He came into public life when, in 2012, he became one of the most visible personalities of the movement # YoSoy132. In 2013 he served as legislative advisor to Zoé Robledo. Later he was technical coordinator of International Linkage of the IMSS.

In September of this year he resigned from this position after 11 months of work to compete for the position of Secretary General of Morena. Finally, his performance in the election process to this position was not as expected and he decided to decline his aspiration in favor of Citlalli Hernández.

He is currently seeking to be Morena’s candidate for the position of the Chamber of Deputies corresponding to district 5 of the municipality of Torreón Coahuila. This was the message through which he announced this news: “As soon as the call is made —in time and form— I will have to register to compete for a federal council that re-dignifies La Laguna, the North and the Fourth Transformation of the Public Life of Mexico ”.


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