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Antonio Attolini accuses campaign against him after calling PAN senator a “wretch”

Antonio Attolini, a militant of Morena, caused controversy on social networks after he called Kenia López Rabadán, a PAN senator, who criticized the acquisition of vaccines against the coronavirus.

The former technical coordinator of International Liaison of the IMSS wrote on social networks that the president of the Senate Human Rights Commission “is nothing more than a sham of what such a commission requires of a popular representative.”

“Human misery. You will be in my year-end prayers, ”he added.

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After their expressions, network users regretted the words against López Rabadán, including Jorge Triana, deputy of National Action in Mexico City.

“And the misogynist mini machito, didn’t he come?” Triana replied.

Attolini denounced a campaign against him after his statements against the PAN senator.

“Seeing them foam at the mouth, my best gift,” he wrote.


“Let us not forget that in times of the worst crisis, there were those who, from the highest order of popular representation (the senator is president of the Human Rights commission), strove to see # Mexico burn in order to prove a point: that of their misery. Infumables, ”Attolini added in another Twitter message.


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