Anticovid brigade: this is how older adults will be vaccinated

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported that the federal government is shaping the vaccination squad against coronavirus (COVID-19), with around 120 thousand public servants, to continue with the National Vaccination Plan which includes older adults.

He anticipated that the vaccination for this population will start with a group of 3 million older adults that live in remote areas, then the shift will follow medium density cities and then in the big metropolitan areas.

According to President, it is estimated that before the end of the month of March are vaccinated against COVID-19 all people over 60 years of age, which represents about 12 million 450 thousand people.

With this vaccination squad It is expected that in 10 days it will be possible to vaccinate 3 million older adults, because each brigade will vaccinate 300 a week.

The COVID-19 vaccination brigade plans to go to the homes of the elderly

López Obrador reported that the coronavirus vaccination brigade (COVID-19) is being formed. Photo: Cuartoscuro

Andrés Manuel López Obrador detailed that in remote communities it will be considered to go to the homes of older adults because, many times, “their health condition prevents them from going to apply the vaccine.”

The vaccination squad will be integrated by 12 persons: four social promoters, two from the health sector, four elements from the armed forces and two volunteers. Then the vaccination plan by age, giving priority to people with some chronic diseases, followed by teachers, this, to the extent that the face-to-face classes in states with a green traffic light.

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