Anticovid-19 vaccine can be purchased abroad: AMLO

Mexico City /

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador affirmed that the private initiative will be able to buy vaccines abroad so that they can be sold in Mexico.

“Why is it not allowed to be sold in pharmacies, of course there are companies that want to buy the vaccine abroad, we have no impediment for the vaccine to be sold, it is bought abroad,” said the president.

Through a message on Twitter, Lopez Obrador noted that the federal government buys the necessary vaccines to guarantee universal and free access.

“What we are doing is buying all the vaccine that is needed to guarantee that no one is missing and that it is free, nothing more than at the time not because ‘I have money and I am going to get vaccinated first or I am a politician, I am influential and I get vaccinated first. ‘ No, that’s not how it is ”, declared the president.

For this reason it was decided that in the first instance medical personnel should be vaccinated and to older adults “it is a matter of waiting the turn that corresponds to each one,” he explained in his message.

The President explained that 42,900 doses have been applied in Mexico City and Monterrey to health personnel and that it is expected to vaccinate 750,000 workers in the sector who are in almost a thousand hospitals that treat COVID-19 in the country.

“Doctors, nurses, cleaning workers, they are all a priority, they are the first to be vaccinated. It is estimated that there will be 700 to 550 thousand. We will be reached with the agreement we have with Pfizer for the first months. We are talking to have in February no later than March, we will have 1,400,000 doses, as there are two applications, it is enough for 750,000 health workers, because there are two doses, “he said.


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