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Anti-stress plants, perfect to decorate your telework environment

Being locked alone in front of a computer and under the pressure of teleworking is not exactly a pleasant idea. Maybe what you need is a little green in your home office and we show you the perfect anti-stress plants for it.

Being in contact with nature is already relaxing in itself and these are plants that do not require much maintenance. For this reason, you can enjoy the green that is related to the stillness and tranquility of our brain.

Anti-stress plants have a host of little-known emotional benefits. They stimulate us and at the same time relax us. Take into account the following species to decorate your telework environment.

Anti-stress plants, perfect to decorate your telework environment

Pilea peperomioides

This is one of the most recommended anti-stress plants to relax our environment. It has fleshy and intense green leaves that will bring you peace and clear your mind.


Kokedama is a Japanese technique. SReplace the traditional pot with a ball of moss. It is a highly recommended idea to decorate our home office and create a pleasant natural environment in it.

Alocasia Zebrina

It is one of the most spectacular anti-stress plants to decorate the interior by the color of its stem.

It does not deserve to be watered a lot so that it always looks lush. It will certainly bring joy to your office.

African Violet

If you love flowers, you should try this plant to decorate your telework environment. It is perfect because that fIt blooms almost all year round and has a wide variety of colors for you to choose your favorite.

Calathea Roseopicta

If you have a pet in your house, Calathea Roseopicta is ideal because it is suitable to live with them. It is native to the humid tropical forests and stands out for its elegance and leafiness.

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