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Antarctica: killer whale chases little penguin, which flees spectacularly

Antarctica –

This video is currently causing a sensation worldwide: It shows a small gentoo penguin fleeing from an orca. The animal swims for its life, right past some rubber dinghies with tourists. They film the penguin on his spectacular escape. And you can hardly believe their eyes when they see how the penguin saves himself in the end (watch the video above).

  • Video from Antarctica is causing a stir around the world
  • Gentoo penguin spectacularly flees from an orca
  • In the end, the clever animal does the only right thing

It’s 1-0 for the penguin after this breathtaking video. Some tourists in Antarctica have been cheering from their rubber dinghies on an unusual chase that is second to none.

The protagonists: a hungry orca in search of prey. And a little gentoo penguin that is stupidly supposed to be his next meal. But the little animal rescues itself in a spectacular way.

The Mexican travel blogger Matt Karsten (40) and his wife Anna (32) shot the video that is currently thrilling the world: You can see the penguin hissing in the water between the Zodiacs, the rubber dinghies with tourists. And flee from the orca’s hungry mouth, which is right behind him. The penguin jumps out of the water again and again to pick up speed. “Swim, Jimmy, swim,” the tourists cheer him on from the boats.

Video from Antarctica: penguin suddenly jumps into a rubber dinghy and saves himself in this way

Suddenly it is quiet, the involuntary spectators of the chase pause for a moment. Suddenly, however, Jimmy hisses out of the water, flees again and speeds towards one of the inflatables. Hardly any of those present can believe what happens then: The clever animal rescues itself in one of the inflatables with two attempts. And so can actually escape the jaws of the orca.

Antarctica: penguin flees from orca and jumps into an inflatable boat

In our symbol image (archive image from 2019), some tourists drive a zodiac very close to chinstrap penguins. A video is currently causing a stir that shows a penguin fleeing from an orca and jumping into such an inflatable boat.


picture alliance/dpa/dpa-tmn

The passengers in the rubber dinghies breathed a sigh of relief and accepted the thankful animal. To later put it back into the ice-cold water in a safe place. “It was amazing to see that live. It was like watching an episode of National Geographic on the spot, ”blogger Karsten told the Kennedy News Agency, according to the New York Post. “I imagine the penguin was very relieved to get away.”

Video goes viral: tourists thought the orcas were playing

The tourists were in their boats on the Gerlache Strait, a strait that separates the Palmer Archipelago from the Danco coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. When the Karstens saw some whales in the water, they took out their camera. They thought the whales were playing in the water. “They swam straight to the camera and said hello,” Matt Karsten continued. But then interest in the camera quickly disappeared when gentoo penguins appeared.

A penguin didn’t land in the orca’s stomach – at least this time. Thanks to the tourists’ rubber dinghy. (mg)

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