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Another day with a high rate of coronavirus cases: 11,765 – News

According to the report of the Ministry of Health of the Nation this Wednesday, of the total deaths, 80 are men and 65 women.

Of the total number of cases, 1,426,676 are recovered patients and 144,089 remain active.

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According to this Wednesday’s report, the province of Buenos Aires reported 4,761 cases with a cumulative total of 680,041; the City of Buenos Aires 1,076 (173,262); Catamarca 62 (2,685); Chaco 249 (24,523); Chubut 538 (31,476); Cordoba 763 (126,917); Corrientes 118 (11,900); Entre Ríos 419 (29,002); Jujuy 22 (18,545); La Pampa 321 (10,549); La Rioja 10 (9,085); Mendoza 169 (60,016); Missions 32 (1,076); Neuquen 518 (40,647); Río Negro 387 (38,314); Jump 52 (22.308); San Juan 148 (11,503); San Luis 38 (16,159); Santa Cruz 434 (23,335); Santa Fe 1,307 (175,021); Santiago del Estero 123 (17,330); Tierra del Fuego 67 (19,028); and Tucumán 151 (70,994).

In Tierra del Fuego, there are 13 cases from the Malvinas Islands according to press information (due to the illegal occupation of the United Kingdom, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, it is not possible to have own information about the impact of Covid-19 in that part of the Argentine territory).

It was also reported that 3,440 patients continued to be hospitalized in the different intensive care units (ICU) of the country, while the percentage of total occupancy of beds in adult ICUs is 53.3% in the nation and 57% per country. percent in the AMBA, according to the information reported by the different jurisdictions.

In the last 24 hours, 54,126 tests were carried out and, since the beginning of the outbreak, 4,811,498 diagnostic tests for this disease were carried out, which is equivalent to 106,034 samples per million inhabitants.

The record of daily cases occurred on October 21 with 18,326 confirmed patients, while the highest number of deaths reported in one day occurred on October 1, with 3,352 deaths, although 3,050 of them were from delayed reports that the province had from Buenos Aires.

Argentina remained in twelfth place in the ranking prepared by the American Johns Hopkings University among infections and deaths from coronavirus, and now it is located behind the United States, India, Brazil, Russia, France, Great Britain, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Germany and Colombia.

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