Anonymous Santa Claus surprises Canadians with gifts of money

Ein mysterious anonymous Santa Claus surprised hundreds of his fellow men in Canada with generous gifts of money and poems. “When I woke up this morning, I found a very large gift card on my doorstep.

Apparently my entire neighborhood got one too, ”Leigh-Ann MacNaughton of Edmonton wrote on her Facebook page about a photo that showed a poem about hope and solidarity:“ I cried all morning. ”

According to reports in the local media, around 400 residents of the city received envelopes with a shopping voucher worth 250 Canadian dollars (160 euros) on Christmas Eve.

Elisha Tennant, who lost her job in the wake of the corona pandemic, told CBC that she too had tears because of the generous gift. “It’s so heartwarming and touching that someone should do something like this,” she said. “For us, that means buying for a month.”

CBC contacted the sender of the gifts by email. “I did this because I know a lot of people have had a really difficult year and because I could afford to help out,” replied the anonymous benefactor. “I hope the gifts made people feel that the world is good and that there is a better future not too far away.”

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