Annual outlook 2021: This will be important in the world

Donald Trump will soon have to vacate the White House. Great Britain wants to bring Brexit and thus the European Union behind it for good. The corona pandemic, on the other hand, will continue to affect the lives of many people in the world. In this overview you can read who and what else will be important in 2021.

Italy expects the crisis after the crisis in the new year. The corona disaster is likely to be followed by an economic crash. The economy survived the first lockdown in mid-2020 to some extent, but the latest restrictions have weakened the country again.

At the end of March, the ban on dismissal that Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte imposed at the height of the pandemic expires. Then it will show how resilient Italian companies still are. Many employees are already on short-time work, now they fear losing their jobs.

Hope donates the aid package from Brussels. With 209 billion euros, Italy is the largest recipient of the EU reconstruction fund, the first funds should flow in the spring. The government in Rome now has to clarify who gets how much, when, and for what – so that the EU funds finance real reforms and do not perish uselessly. Or, as has often happened, not even be called up.

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