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Animal tracking device stolen – Australian (48) triggers shark alarm

Robbery on a predatory fish? Not quite …

Albany (Westaustralien) – An Australian (48) is said to have stolen a tracking device from a great white shark. With the part he then repeatedly triggered false alarms for weeks.

The man is said to have removed the tracking device from the animal after accidentally catching it. He then let the great white shark back into the water alive. How he managed that remains a mystery for the time being. There are probably no video recordings of the action.

Between August 13 and September 4, the man is said to have used the tracking device to set off a shark alarm in the vicinity of the 30,000-inhabitant town of Albany in southern Western Australia, a total of seven times. The whole thing was apparently not properly thought out: On October 1, the police found the acoustic transmitter while searching a property.

Albany police charged the man on Wednesday. The allegation: theft of an “acoustic surveillance tag” used by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) to monitor great white sharks. On November 4th he has to answer in court.

Sharks wearing a tracking device set off an alarm if they swim within range of certain receiver devices. 34 such receivers are installed on the coast of the state of Western Australia in order to warn citizens in good time of the impending danger.

Hugh Letessier of the Albany Police Department described the 48-year-old’s behavior as “irresponsible”. “It leaves an unmarked great white shark that we know to be in the waters off Albany,” Letessier told the newspaper.The West Australian“. “In addition, the false alarm causes unnecessary fear among residents and the people who use the water.”

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