The singer Ángela Aguilar is used to showing different looks with her hair and once again she surprised her fans but now with a long hair.

The youngest daughter of Pepe Aguilar said goodbye to the short hair with which we have seen her in different shades such as: pink, blue, green, even being blonde.

In her Instagram account, the young woman could be seen with extensions for the image of her new single “In reality” which was released on April 2 and has been very successful.

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“How beautiful your long hair looks”, “How beautiful you are”, “long hair, I love it”, “beautiful”, were some of the comments that her followers wrote to her, who were delighted with her new appearance.

Ángela Aguilar imposes her #EnRealidadChallenge

The singer has imposed a new dance with her new song in which her followers and artists have joined such as: Karol Sevilla, who shared the dance in her stories.

“#EnRealidadChallenge I’m falling in love 🌵🌵🌵 Dance with me,” he posted.

For her new musical production, she not only changed her hair but also her outfit. Gone are the long and traditional dresses.

In her new video, she opted for a cowboy look in the best old west style, with cowboy boots, fitted corsets and hats, which further highlights her beauty and slim figure.

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The granddaughter of Antonio Aguilar, she has been unstoppable and has built a successful career since 2012, when she unveiled her inherited talent.

In 2020, she became the first Mexican artist to enter the Global 200 list of the American magazine Billboard with the duet with Christian Nodal.

Undoubtedly, the mariachi interpreter is in one of the best moments of her career that remains strong despite her young age.

Thank you Thank you Thank you to everyone who made this video possible. #InRealidad I have no words, “he wrote on Instagram.

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