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Ángela Aguilar proves that fashion is cyclical wearing a midi dress from her grandmother Flor Silvestre

Ángela Aguilar has a great style and at her young age she has not only become a successful singer, but also a fashion icon.

And she had the best teacher to learn, her grandmother Flor Silvestre, who fell in love with every dress she wore.

The teenager has always shown her love for her grandmother and for Mexico, and on different occasions she has worn woven garments, and some that were owned by her grandmother.

Ángela Aguilar proves that fashion is cyclical wearing this dress from her grandmother Flor Silvestre

Recently, the young woman posed in a beautiful and fresh colorful midi dress, which she confessed was from grandmother Flor Silvestre.

It is a model with a round neck and loose sleeves that has orange, green, and black tones with white dots.

“This dress belonged to my grandmother :)”, Angela wrote in the image in which she posed with her dress in the middle of the field and with long hair, showing that fashion is cyclical.

In addition, the fans were surprised once again with the great resemblance that the singer has with the Mexican legend, her grandmother Flor.

“Too beautiful”, “wow you look incredible with that dress”, “you look identical to your grandmother”, “your beauty has no limits”, “how beautiful Angelita”, “how nice that you give value to your clothes Grandma ”, and“ her dress looks great on you ”, were some of the reactions on the networks.

It is not the first time that Angela shows off her grandmother’s clothes, during the first edition of the Spotify Awards where she debuted as an entertainer last year, she wore a maxi necklace of the singer.

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Angela wore a beautiful gold necklace with what seem like medallions, with a short dress in front and long in back with a print with dolls and many colors, making clear her love for her roots.

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