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Andy Ruíz and the message he sent to Canelo on Instagram to change his path: “I want to be like you”

At the most difficult moment in the career of Andy Ruíz, who went from the glory of being the first Mexican world champion in the heavyweight division, to the depression of losing his belts in a space of six months, Andy took a A decision that changed his course: he sent a message to Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez through Instagram.

“It was at that moment that I was very down and I wanted to change all the things I was doing, change my training as well, I sent Canelo a message on Instagram. I told him, ‘Do you think you can open the gym doors for me, I want to be like you, I want to change my life and train every day,’ ”Ruiz shared exclusively for ESPN Deportes.

“He answered me and said, ‘ok, let me talk to Eddy (Reynoso) to see if I can.’ The following week he called me to coordinate a meeting and that week everything was arranged. He said, ‘Andy if you’re going to come here, you have to give 100 percent because it’s not a game. You have to be well prepared and train hard, ‘”said Ruíz.

In May 2020, Ruíz’s incorporation to coach Eddy Reynoso’s camp became official. The pandemic delayed his return to the ring last year, but this May 1, it will be the opportunity to show the progress that the former world champion has made in the last year at the hands of Reynoso.

“They have faith in me, I told them that everything they told me I was going to do and here we are right now,” said the 31-year-old boxer.

When nobody expected it and before all odds, that June 2019, Ruíz became the scepters of the International Boxing Federation, World Boxing Association and World Boxing Organization. The spotlight, the fame, and the money hit Andy. For his first defense of the belts in the rematch against Joshua, Ruiz himself agreed not to have prepared the way he should.

“(When he arrived) he lacked motivation, when he lost the fight he had a bump in his career that was demotivated after winning the championship so quickly. I say fast because the surprise fight fell on him and then he soon lost it, that frustrated him a bit, ”shared his trainer Eddy Reynoso from training camp in San Diego, California. “Here he got on very well, we are a great team and they sheltered him quite well and now he is very motivated.”

At the Reynoso camp, Ruíz has had the opportunity to train with Canelo on a day-to-day basis, as have other champions like Oscar Valdez and Ryan Garcia.

“What I have learned the most from Canelo is discipline. Perfect movement and speed, but the biggest thing I learned is discipline, ”Andy said.

Against veteran fighter of Aztec blood Chris Arreola, Andy will seek to return to the path of triumph and demonstrate the work he has been doing with Canelo and Reynoso.

“He is a very intelligent fighter, who will arrive with more mobility, more physical condition, more mentalized, he wants to reach the forefront, return to being a world champion and that is instrumental in order to get there. In every athlete, motivation is very important and he is very motivated, ”shared Reynoso.

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