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Andy Ruiz affirms it on his shirt: “I don’t want to be fat anymore”

Boxer Andy Ruiz started a new venture. The WBO champion debuted a new clothing line with a motivational intention. Under the motto “I don’t want to be fat anymore”, Ruiz wore the garment along with all the ‘Team Canelo’.

The inspiration for this initiative comes from the transformation that the fighter has undergone of Mexican descent. Ruiz has been training hard for several months in the gym of Eddy reynoso. Andy has shared long training routines with the Canelo, Óscar Valdés, Ryan García and other renowned fighters.

Destroyer has multiple pieces in this collection. Ruiz showed sweatshirts and caps with their respective logo, but what attracted the most attention was the unique T-shirt that had the phrase “I don’t want to be Fat anymore.”

The shirt has the image of a pig and the steps of the evolutionary line of a person what happens from to be sitting on the couch, to being up with the intention of boxing.

Photos of the Canelo Álvarez, Eddy Reynoso and Andy Ruiz’s own son wearing the shirt in favor of this initiative.

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