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Android promotes the use of Rust in its developers • ENTER.CO

Google announced today that Android now supports Rust, a programming language, and stated that it considers it a ‘memory-safe’ language, so it hopes that its use will help eliminate memory security flaws that represent 70% of vulnerabilities in bootloader, fastboot, kernel and other parts of the operating system.

Android currently uses C and C ++ in its OS code. But these languages ​​do not provide the necessary security in memory, which makes them vulnerable to crashes, so he considers that solving the problem is only part of his responsibility; however, a lasting solution must be sought. “The use of Rust will guarantee functionalities that are safe and consume fewer resources, due to its characteristics” explains in a statement from Google. In addition, he emphasized that he has been working on this project for 18 months. The announcement was made through the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

In addition, Google explained that it will focus on the development of functionalities in this language for recent and future Os, since the flaws in old versions have already been found and repaired, so it considers that the priority is to avoid them in the most recent and future codes. . Finally, the company assured that in the coming months it will be sharing some projects in Rust and that this will be a process so its adoption and maturation will be long-term.

The XDA-Developer portal found that Android already has some functionalities in this code, among them: Bluetooth, code name is ‘Gabeldoche’, but it is not in use yet; the Keystore 2.0 module and the IPD Driver.

Image: Google.

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