The Pumas coach points out that there is no celebration in the team after drawing Pachuca in the final minutes

Andrés Lillini, technical director of Pumas, expressed his feelings about the tie got before Pachuca in the final minutes of the game this Sunday. The Argentine strategist assured that despite rescuing a unit, it is not a reason to celebrate, since they should obtain the three points.

“No, I don’t celebrate. If I’m honest, there is no music in the dressing room and we go upset. We had 15 very good training days. The comeback and the point serves because it was a lost game, but the character of the footballers is superior to many things. When you go 2-0 with 10 minutes to go, if you are not in this institution, lower your head. The reality is that we had to add three points because we worked for that, “he said at a press conference.

Despite everything, the South American helmsman was self-critical and affirmed that not all games will be able to rescue them with the pride of their players, who have praised the entire tournament for the way they overcome adversity.

“The message we send whenever we are never defeated. We train very well to win, we find two goals and mistakes that can no longer happen, but the team does not stop searching. Not all games will be like this and you don’t have to live from effort and determination, you have to win before as planned, “he said.

Lillini did not change his speech about entering the Liguilla. Currently they are the 13th place in the general table with 13 points and they are only one unit from the 12th place, which is Mazatlán FC, so they do not take their finger off the line to enter the playoffs.

“We are going to think about the league until the last opportunity we have. We are not going to lower our arms. Yes, of course we think about the league and we are going to achieve it,” he clarified.

Finally, he admitted that the goals are the cause of the problem for the cats in this tournament, so they will have to work on that aspect at the end of the season and thus give better weapons to their forwards so that they can define better.

“This is about goals. This is Pumas and represents you in this way. The last third is where we get things right up to there and we lack determination. This is about goals and you will not always be able to trace a result, but you have to have determination in the area. In these four games we are not outside and we play against direct rivals, except America, but we are going to fight a place among ourselves. We have to improve in the final part, you win by goals, you stay by goals and you are champion by goals, “he concluded.