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Andreev from “Ivanushki” greatly offended his sister

The sister of the leader of “Ivanushki” Kirill Andreeva Natalya in the studio of the “Stars came together” program on the NTV channel told how her brother once greatly offended her.

“We are brother and sister on the paternal side. We met when I was seven years old. He came so all fashionable for the first time to our house. In such a white T-shirt that you could not take your eyes off. It was back in the nineties. “

Sister Kirill Andreeva

As Natalya noted, once her brother hurt her greatly. “I had very wide eyebrows in my youth. I was then about 15 years old. I didn’t know to pluck them out. Right in front of the whole group, he began to teach me what to do with eyebrows. After that, I did not go to concerts for four years. He just killed me. I was very vulnerable then. I plucked everything. Then she went without eyebrows at all. I was shy around him, ”the girl said.

Recall that the group “Ivanushki” gained incredible popularity in the nineties of the last century. Today, the musical group is still in sight.

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