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Anderson Silva does not rule out KO to JC Chávez Jr. in Jalisco

On June 19, Anderson ‘Spider’ Silva will face Julio César Chávez Jr and the martial artist is excited to show his talent in the ring

The legend of mixed martial arts, Anderson ‘Spider’ Silva, said he was excited to face Julio César Chávez Jr. on June 19 at the Jalisco Stadium and did not rule out that he could stop the legend’s son there, because to he is an opportunity to show the passion he has for what he does. Silva and former world champion Chávez Jr. will fight 10 rounds on the same card in which the legend Julio César Chávez will offer an exhibition against Héctor Camacho Jr., son of his former rival, and where they will close the trilogy Omar Chávez and Ramón ‘ Inocente ‘Álvarez after splitting wins in the past. The Jalisco Stadium, they said, will be trained for up to 30 thousand fans.

I think this sport is impressive, very traditional, old, people need to respect boxing because it is not for everyone. I practiced it, not at the same level as Chávez Jr., but I try to do something special for my fans, my fans in Mexico and the rest of the world, ”said Silva, 45, a history of Hall of Fame in mixed martial arts.

(What if I can knock him out?) Sure, I’m training for itAnderson added. “The moment I got the call I said ‘wow’ this is a real challenge, and I have always sought to do it that way. That is why I accepted. This is about how much you love your work and how much passion is in your heart and how much you are willing to take challenges, that’s me. I try to give my best in what I do, it is a new experience and I am happy to do it. I am very lucky to fight in Mexico. A legend will be on the billboard ”, he pointed out.

For his part, Julio César Chávez Jr. said he takes his rival with respect, but believes that the pressure will be on his side because he cannot afford, at this point in his career, to fall to a veteran A fighter who has a 1-1 record in boxing and has already seen his best years as a martial artist go by. Although he did not hide his surprise.

“I respect Anderson Silva because he is a great martial arts fighter, he is a legend, and it was a surprise because I never thought he would come to boxing,” said the Sinaloan. “They are two different sports, although the training is similar. It is a risk for those who are going to switch to boxing, although I know that he has already boxed, he must know what he is going to do ”, he pointed out.

“He is an intelligent person, it will be a difficult test, he does not have an easy style, for me it is a double-edged sword, because many people believe that a person from the UFC cannot hit a boxer, and that runs against mine, because I have to win by any means, because supposedly they don’t know how to box, “said the former Middleweight World Champion.

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