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ANC, a lot of battery and the best application in a headset

A few weeks ago, the Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro arrived in our country and we have spent since then testing them thoroughly to see if they are worth it. Can headphones have noise cancellation, a lot of battery and customization options at a price that is not excessive.

For Anker the answer is a clear and absolute yes, and it is something about which we will leave doubts today.

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro

  • Sound:
    • Driver 11 mm.
    • Individual equalizer for each earphone with HearID 2.0.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, USB-C (charging case).
  • Drums:
    • Autonomy 7 hours (headphones).
    • Up to 26 hours of autonomy (with case).
    • Fast charge.
    • Wireless charging.
  • Noise Cancellation: Four modes.
  • Others: Touch control.

A design in which its case stands out

The SoundCore Liberty 2 Pro are headphones that follow a style in line with what is established by Apple AirPods. Without becoming just another copy, they do have their own style in which the “sticks” follow a flatter line, with a predominance of matte in all color varieties. We have blue, gray, white, red and pink, although the unit we have tested in this review is blue.

The base of the headset is touch and we can customize what each one will do in a double touch or hold down, having as options to choose all the multimedia modes, activate the voice assistant or change the mode between noise cancellation and ambient mode.

The case is the real star. With a matte finish, its lid to access the headphones stands out, which instead of opening like most cases has a sliding mechanism. It’s absurdly easy to open and both the opening and closing are clear enough.

On the back of the case, next to the USB C port, we can see a discreet button that will help us to activate the pairing mode of the headphones. This button is particularly useful when you have multiple devices and you want to use the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro on all of them. It is a common button in this type of headphones, although since it is not available in all models it is important to review it as an added value.

We also have three LEDs that report the autonomy of the remaining case, as well as compatibility for wireless charging, being able to charge the case on a standard Qi charger or even with mobiles that have reverse wireless charging.

All sound technology in one great app

TWS Bluetooth headphones have a number of limitations when it comes to offering a quality sound experience. This is not a challenge applicable only to Anker, but to all headphones in its category. The causes? The size of the headphones and the bandwidth brought about by Bluetooth technology.

To obtain an experience that is not only comfortable to use but also offers us a degree of quality. Regarding the headset itself, Anker boasts of integrating its improved PureNote driver technology with 10 nano layers, capable of achieving 45% greater bass and a 30% greater frequency range than in a conventional driver. All of this translates into impressive clarity and precision.

To get the most out of the hardware we have the SoundCore application, an essential if you end up using these headphones in your day to day. To improve listening, Anker has worked hard to get a great experience. In addition to having pads for all tastes, within the application we can perform a test to verify that the pad we are using is the one that best suits our ears. In the same way we have HearID, a technology that analyzes our listening to better adapt to our hearing capacity.

At the equalization level, the Anker application It seems to us the best we have tried. While the default setting uses an equalizer called Firma de SoundCore offering versatile performance, we have profiles for Acoustic, Bass Enhancer, Bass Reducer, Classical, Podcast, Dance, Deep, Electronic, Flat, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Latin, Lounge, Piano, Pop, R&B, Rock, Speakers small, Oral Text, Treble enhancer, treble reducer.

As if all this were not enough, we have a classic equalizer that we can use to create our custom listening modes, which will be synchronized in the cloud if we create an Anker account. We also have the option of creating a new listening mode based on any of the predefined modes.




Dynamic noise cancellation and user experience

ANC is currently the fashionable technology in headphones, and although you may have already heard about these acronyms, it never hurts to remember what they mean and what this technology consists of. These acronyms come from English Active Noise Cancelation which translated into Spanish means Active Noise Cancellation. This technology uses headphone microphones to analyze external sounds and emit an inverse wave that cancels out external sound.

Anker has equipped the Liberty 2 Pro with 6 microphones to reduce outside noise. Without being the most advanced technology on the market, it is good enough to simply put on headphones, start listening to music and isolate ourselves enough without seeing a reduction in hearing quality. What convinces us the most is that at Anker they have not limited themselves to simply adding the basic technology, but we have several options to calibrate the level of noise cancellation or transparency mode (which instead of canceling, lets ambient sound through) making it clear how each mode is best.

  • Noise Cancellation:
    • Transport: Specially designed to provide quiet travel and commute, it targets low frequencies such as engine and road noise.
    • Interiors: Eliminate voices and mid-frequency noises in cafeteria and other indoor spaces.
    • Exteriors: Reduce ambient noise on the go for quieter urban spaces.
    • Personalized: Set the noise reduction level that is most suitable for you.
  • Transparency modes:
    • Full transparency: Allows you to hear all ambient noises.
    • Voice mode: Voices are heard more clearly than other ambient sounds.
  • Normal: For those times when you don’t want noise cancellation or transparency.

Perhaps what I would have missed most was an option to calibrate the transparency mode. Among my favorite headphones, the Galaxy Buds + allow us to modify the listening volume of our surroundings at an ambient level, and at the most aggressive levels they are capable of improving our listening capacity compared to not wearing headphones. Not that it is a weak point for Anker, as we consider the options given to be outstanding, but including such an option they would have achieved a perfect score.

At the level of latency, they are headphones that convince, but do not fall in love. In video playback we have not had any problems, while in games, depending on the title, the experience can be imperceptible or uncomfortable.

For what they cost, they are exceptional value

The Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 have an official price of 129.99 euros, a figure that positions it as a high quality product. Although it is not a price that can be considered low, in perspective they are headphones that offer an exceptional quality / price ratio.

The reason for it? They practically comply with everything we could ask for a TWS headphones. Both the headphones and the case have a great design, the audio quality is beyond question, we have pads for practically any ear, the case supports wireless charging and we have one of the best applications in terms of personalization of the experience.

Its strongest point is in the combination between autonomy and active noise cancellation. Most active noise canceling headphones have a mediocre battery (which in actual use experience is typically around 3-4 hours per charge). In our experience, the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro stay in about 6 hours, more than enough to use them for a whole morning of work without having to go through the case. TWS headphones with active noise cancellation that achieve that, we have the Galaxy Buds Pro (and they cost quite a bit more).

If you are looking for headphones that have it all and your budget is around 100-150 euros, the Anker Soundcore 2 Pro are one of the few headphones that we can blindly recommend.

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro en Amazon.

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