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Analysis World of Demons, Okami’s astral chain (iPhone)

PlatinumGames the title of masters of action thanks to games that have become fundamental pillars of this genre. Since Vanquish a Bayonetta, passing by The Wonderful 101 O Madworld (and removing some poorer titles), its track record is enviable, and the expectation that has raised its first title exclusively for Apple devices is understandable, World of Demons.

Two familiar ideas, one new concept

World of Demons is a hack and slash third person, which is essentially pretty straightforward compared to other games from the Japanese studio. Basically, we have a button to attack and another to dodge, and if we dodge at the right time we will perform a special attack, similar to what is seen in other of its titles. The main novelty is the inclusion of yokai, some creatures taken from Japanese folklore that we can invoke during the game.

Is a
It is an arcade of the old, direct and accessible.

The gameplay reminds us in a way of that of Astral Chain, since the yokai take more prominence during the action than we ourselves. To understand the combat system well, we have to understand that each enemy, each yokai and each weapon has an element, with strengths and weaknesses like rock, paper, scissors. The ideal, thus, is have a weapon team and yokais prepared to face any element, something that we can distribute between the two warriors that we can take to each combat.

Things will go
Things will get more complicated as we progress, and our strategy will be as important as our ability.

Each character there are several to choose from, each with their combat style, which we will unlock as we progress, can take two yokai permanent, whose abilities recharge after use, as well as a selection of yokai of a single use that we will collect after defeating them or finding them in different areas of the stage. There is also an element of strategy here, since if one of the yokai collected matches one of our main we can do a special double attack.

A mobile game, but not much

It’s a game very focused on replayability, designed for us to repeat phases either to complete them 100% or in higher difficulties. There are many areas or objects that we will not be able to access at first because we do not have the yokai Right. There may be a wall of fire that we need to put out with a yokai of water, a series of gigantic stones that we have to destroy with the right creature, or a torch that we need to light with a yokai of fire.

Each level is
Each level is topped by a final boss; how it has to be.

In the same way, we can repeat the phases at higher difficulty levels to get greater rewards and level up faster or, simply, if we want a greater challenge, since in easy it is quite simple, something that we will need to advance. Something that we did not like very much is that to pass the chapter we have to have a certain level, and this generally forces us to replay phases or do secondary. It is not a serious problem in fact, the secondary ones are quite good, and they are simply battles under specific circumstances, but it leaves us that feeling of mobile game that, we believe, is dispensable in titles like this.

It is essential to know the weaknesses of each enemy and what
It is essential to know the weaknesses of each enemy and which element will do the most damage.

It also shows a bit in the way you level up both characters and characters. yokai, which require coins and materials that, yes, are relatively easy to get, but unless we focus on certain weapons and certain creatures we are going to have to repeat many phases or do many secondaries, and in the end it gives a little that feeling of free-to-play. Let it be clear, that is, that the game does not have micropayments, but it shows that it was originally designed around them.

At the playable level, as we say, it is simple, and many times our strategy rewards more with the elements than our expertise at the controls. In essence, we are going to crush the attack button and try to read the opponent’s attack animation to dodge at the right time, but as things get complicated we will learn the importance of alternating between our two warriors, dose the yokai, use the skills that we are learning or use the special ability that we get when we fill the corresponding bar.

Each level has different areas and objects a priori inaccessible, and we will need keys,
Each level has different areas and previously inaccessible objects, and we will need keys, yokai or specific skills to reach them.

As a note, and as we already said in our impressions of FantasianIf the idea of ​​playing with a touch screen does not appeal to you, it is quite easy to connect a controller to the device in turn. We have connected our Xbox One controller to our iPhone and, apart, we have sent the image to our TV through AirPlay, playing practically as if it were a console.

The world of Okami

It is inevitable to make comparisons with Okami for his commitment to him ukiyo-e, this recognizable Japanese art style. Although technically Okami It is not a PlatinumGames game, many of the members after the game ended up in the studio, so, in a way, everything stays at home. We love it, and we think it suits a title like this great, since, in addition, it does not need too much to look good, something ideal on mobile phones.

The camera bug makes battles like this terrible. Hopefully they fix it soon.

Audiovisually we liked it a lot, and beyond its beautiful graphics section it offers us a soundtrack to match, inspired by traditional Japanese music and, what has surprised us the most, a rather interesting story about Japanese folklore, fantastically translated into our language. Funny how translations are often neglected in larger titles, but in this case, a noteworthy job has been done.

Artistically we love it, and it’s a kind of reunion with Okami’s world, albeit more aggressive.

We can not leave in the inkwell quite a serious problem: the camera. Generally it works without problems, but there are times when it goes through the ground, creating a tremendously annoying effect that not only makes us lose track of the action, but can even get dizzy. Interestingly, it only happens with certain attacks from one of the characters, and it also seems that some bosses accentuate this error. We are sure it is a bug that will be fixed sooner rather than later, but it is there and we have to comment on it.

Special mention for a great translation into our language.

A classic trip in our pocket

World of Demons it leaves us with sensations similar to those of a 128-bit game of those that we miss so much, in which direct action is the main pillar of the experience; and works. Although it is quite simpler in the playable than other PlatinumGames games, it makes up for it with the strategy derived from the elements, and as we advance it manages to add depth to the proposal until it becomes a notable challenge, especially if we are one of those who they enjoy getting the SSS ranks.

The latest from PlatinumGames is a small project that cannot be compared to their larger productions, but It has its charm and we think it deserves a chance if you like the genre and you have access to Apple Arcade. It has its little things that weigh down from when it was a free-to-play, but none of them affect too much. It certainly serves as an appetizer until they launch their next big game.

We have performed this analysis on an iPhone X by downloading the game with a subscription to Apple Arcade.

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