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Analogue Super Nt and Nt Mini on sale for a limited time

The power of the cartridge

Analogue Super Nt

Emulators have allowed many gamers to revive old glories on modern monitors, but these modernities mean the loss of many of the essential aspects of the original hardware. The most prominent is related to the sensations when playing, and is that the latency that an emulator adds, either by the USB controllers of the equipment used or by the emulation itself, cannot be compared to the instantaneous response offered by the original console.

Well, Analogue consoles respect all that, including also modifications at the video rendering level that allow you to enjoy a look and feel extremely faithful to what was obtained with the original hardware.

A true miniature SNES

This console has nothing to do with the Super Nintendo Mini that Nintendo released a few years ago. We are talking about hardware designed from the ground up that interprets and mimics each and every internal component of the original Super Nintendo after some incredible work of reverse engineering. Thanks to a chip FPGA, the console reproduces each of the chips that gave life to the original hardware, and is responsible for giving life to the original cartridges that we will connect in the included slot. No emulators.

An object of desire

Analogue Super Nt

With all these characteristics and peculiarities, you can imagine that Analogue consoles are an object of desire for all those lovers of retro collecting. For this reason, all the models are absolutely out of stock on the manufacturer’s website, hence the announcement of the availability of two models has been received as a real news.

Both the Super Nt and the Nt Mini will go on sale today April 9 at 5:00 p.m. in Spain, so if you are interested in getting any of these models, you should know that normally the stock disappears in a matter of seconds.

The models that will go on sale will be the Super Nt in a classic version, Super Famicon and in black (the transparent one unfortunately will not return) for 180 dollars, while the limited edition of the Nt Mini Noir (the console that accepts NES cartridges and Famicon) will also recover stock with its high price of $ 499.99. All consoles ship worldwide (shipping costs not included) and include a controller. Most likely, the units will be exhausted in a matter of seconds, so you must be very fast if you want to feel the 16 bits as usual (but with HDMI output).

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