As time goes! That’s precisely what the singer Anahí says when observing how big her second son, Emiliano, is, who is less and less a baby and more of a child as he began to take his first steps.

This was recorded in a recent update by the artist from Rebel in their social networks showing one of his walks, wobbly but happy, when just last February he reached his first year of life.

Anahí’s son has already taken his first steps

As it was expected, The 37-year-old Mexican could not contain her excitement and pride, So he decided to give the good news to his more than 8 million followers.

In the recording appears the little Emiliano, fruit of his marriage with Manuel Velasco, walking from the other end of the room to the actress, who was waiting for him with open arms.

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When you reach your destination, his mother melted into a funny hug and lots of laughter from both of them, showing the happiness that overwhelms the also model in this facet of her life.

“One, two, three!”, Anahí encouraged the second offspring of the relationship, after Manuel, A name that he inherited from his father and, who came to the world on January 18, 2017. Just two years later, on October 28, 2019, he announced that the family was growing with the arrival of his younger brother.

Anahí’s family was able to overcome Covid-19

Likewise, the interpreter of My delirium calm down these days after going through two weeks of concern when her partner, children and herself tested positive for Covid-19 after the virtual concert he gave with his RBD colleagues.

“The nightmare passed and from this place of calm and gratitude I can tell you that I thank you with all my heart for your messages of affection and prayers ”, expressed in their profiles.

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