Anabel’s mother dies 24 hours after this last photo

January 06, 2021 – 9:31 am Clock

Mother and daughter struggled together for weeks to survive

One last loving touch between machines, hoses and masks, without which both can no longer breathe: The photo that Anabel Sharma has carers in Leicester, UK take of herself and her mother Maria, shows the cruel reality of Covid-19. At this point, both have been fighting for their lives in the intensive care unit for days. But only Anabel will make it: just 24 hours later, her beloved mother is dead.

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Despite precautionary measures: Entire family infected with corona

“I never thought that Covid would catch us – but it happened,” Anabel explains to the British “Mirror”. Since her mother lived with her, her husband and her three sons, they were extremely careful, ordered food home and only brought the children to school. But in September of last year, Anabel’s youngest son got infected at school. “The speed at which Covid raged in our family was frightening. Anyone can get it, and it’s like roulette whether you survive,” warns the 49-year-old.

While her husband and children recovered relatively quickly, the condition of Anabel and her mother Maria became increasingly critical. They came to the hospital in mid-October, only requiring ventilation a few beds apart.

“I asked every day if I would die”

“I had to wear a plastic hood 24/7 and for four weeks that pressed oxygen into my lungs. It felt like sticking my head out of the car window at 50 km / h, it was loud, I couldn’t see or hear anything “, Anabel describes the time in the intensive care unit in a Facebook post. “I asked them every day if I was going to die and they said they didn’t know.”

But in the end it was not Anabel who fell victim to the coronavirus. Two weeks after they were admitted, Maria’s bed was rolled next to her daughter’s. “Mom tried to speak. All I could hear was ‘cremate’ and ‘ready to die’. I cried, but mom was so brave,” she said in the “Mirror”.

Anabel watched her mother’s funeral live on stream

The next day, November 1st, 2020, the carers brought Maria to her daughter again – for the last time: “My mom died in the intensive care unit. The lovely team organized that my bed was next to hers so that I could last until the end could be with her. To talk to her, to hold her hand, “writes Anabel in the Facebook group” Humans of Covid-19 “. Anabel’s sister was also allowed to say goodbye in protective clothing.

“I felt too bad to be there at her funeral, I watched via livestream,” the 49-year-old continued. “I was alone, just like my family, we couldn’t comfort each other. It broke my already fragile heart.”

Lung damage lasts forever

Anabel has been home for a few weeks now. But she doesn’t just have to cope with the loss of her beloved mother: “I’m on oxygen and have life-changing, permanent lung damage,” she writes. “My nightmares are terrible, I wake up screaming and crying. I don’t feel like myself anymore!” Anabel hopes that her fate will make others think again. “It’s not the flu, people die. And if they survive like me, they might never be the same again.”

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