An endless runner with police chases

Spunge has a unique but interesting edition of a game with very simple mechanics that takes precedence over most titles that are more current: It does not have online, it does not even need a connection and, to top it all, the immediacy with which it is played is tremendous.

Faily Brakes
Faily Brakes

Faily Brakes, land as you can

This is a game that thinks of simplicity and immediacy as fundamental bases, and that is not intended to generate a character that you must evolve or to make your empire the largest and most powerful in the world. Faily Brakes is a causal game that allows downtimes, such as when waiting for the bus or the entrance to the doctor, to be as entertaining as possible. And, in addition, this is achieved without being very demanding on the hardware and without having to pay a euro cent. Therefore, giving it a try is not a bad idea.

faily brakes gráficos

In this game we control Phil Faily’s car, a guy who drives down the mountain when his car’s brakes break. At that moment he loses control over the speed of the vehicle, being able to only steer his steering wheel to avoid all kinds of obstacles: rocks, trees, traffic, trains, cliffs … and this is what this car video game for Android is about: driving without brakes and avoid obstacles. All this not to mention that the more distance we travel, the greater the difficulty, not only in obstacles, but also in the form of chases. In this way, the police can start chasing us at any time to stop us due to the high speed that we have on the road. They surely don’t know that we don’t have brakes on the car.

faily brakes carrera

Of course, you can find help in the form of “prizes” that are on the way. These range from protections that prevent the first blow from being definitive, traffic against, trees, stones, etc. All these elements will diminish in the state of the car. However, there are other elements that help us travel more meters on the highway. Elements that reduce the speed of the car, that fix its damage or those that equip us with more speed or weapons to eliminate obstacles. Namely, a runner In all rules, but in this case with a car and without the possibility of braking, which makes it very intense.

We don’t study physics, but the laws of physics count

As is customary in this type of game, we we find that physics acts on our displacement. So, if we go more or less fast or if we go up with the car to depending on what places, inertia and gravity can play a determining role when it comes to giving us milk or not. In addition, the simulation of the hits is quite successful, with parts of the car falling apart on the way.

To control our vehicle we will simply have to move left and right with the on-screen overlay buttons. And no, it is not easy at all … the concept is easy to assume, but it is more complicated to put it into practice due to the game controls. That the playability is through directional buttons means that the movement must be precise. More than anything because there is a bit of a delay between when we press the button and the sliding of the car, because of the inertia and the physics that the game takes into account. In this way, we start with a nice blue convertible, and we will find vans, SUVs, tuned sports cars and a host of other vehicles.

faily brakes coches

However, we can improve this response with more complete and advanced cars, in addition to the own improvements to the characteristics of the cars that we can make through the coins obtained. The more distance traveled, the greater the reward. Likewise, we can toggle between various characters and customize their clothes, making this simple game a very customizable title. Due to its immediacy, it is a highly addictive game that does not require long loading times or internet connection. You only need a car and two buttons, without giving up a decent graphic section.

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