an 11-year-old girl died when she fell from a sixth floor

An 11-year-old girl died Tuesday afternoon when she fell through a window from a sixth floor overlooking an internal courtyard of a building located in the center of Mar del Plata. Justice investigates the circumstances in which the tragedy occurred.

A first version indicates that at that time, after 6 in the afternoon, the little girl was with her parents, both from Mar del Plata, in an apartment on 1800 Colón Avenue, two blocks from the coast. This is full center from the seaside resort.

At night, the prosecutor of the UFI 7 of Mar del Plata, Leandro Arévalo, and personnel from the second police station and the Scientific Police worked at the scene of the incident, trying to reconstruct what happened and without ruling out any hypothesis.

The version that the newspapers collect differs from the police version, since according to the press at the time of the tragedy the minor was alone. Slogan that his mother had gone out with a friend. According to the relatives of the victim, in the midst of a nervous breakdown and reluctance to talk to the press, it was common for the girl to remain in the apartment if the woman had to do paperwork or had some kind of activity for a certain time.

Pain at the scene of the tragedy.  Photo Marcelo Carroll

Pain at the scene of the tragedy. Photo Marcelo Carroll

Always according to the journalistic versions, apparently, when the mother of the minor returned she could not find her inside the building – where the police could verify that there were no signs of violence – and when she looked out of a window that overlooks an internal courtyard he watched her lying on the floor, possibly no longer life.

The residents of the building told the investigators that they did not hear any type of noise in the place, so it is suspected that the death of the girl occurred instantly as a result of the impact of the fall.

Police insisted for the moment not to rule out No hypothesis, but the first thing that arises is that it is not a tragedy carried out by tourists, but by a family that has lived in the city for several years. The tests will continue in the next few hours. Investigators seek to rule out that it is a case of domestic violence.

Correspondent in Mar del Plata.

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