Among the senators of Together for Change the “celestial” vote is imposed although a “green” surprise arose

Senator Laura Rodríguez Machado, in the session on legalization of abortion
Senator Laura Rodríguez Machado, in the session on legalization of abortion

Among the senators of Together for Change the “celestial” vote was imposed in the Senate session to debate the legalization of abortion: until about 22 o’clock they had spoken ten legislators of the opposition bench and there was advantage of the votes against (six against and four in favor), but the Big surprise the entrerriana gave it Stella Maris Olalla, who until now had avoided anticipating his position and during his speech confirmed that will support the project and thus will contribute to its becoming law.

“Maintaining the ban will not eliminate the clandestine system, which is amply proven that it exists. There will be no improvements in the health system if we continue to disregard or not carry out the comprehensive sex education“, Assured Olalla, in one of the most celebrated speeches by the” greens. “

In the opposition coalition, the resolute spirit of the national leadership of JxC was confirmed before the debate: freedom of conscience for vote. The freedom included even the winks offered from the clothing, such as the radical Martin Lousteau, one of the opposition senators who support the legalization of abortion and who presided over a section of the session with a striking green tie.

Silvia Elías de Pérez anticipated that she will go to Justice if there is legalization of abortion
Silvia Elías de Pérez anticipated that she will go to Justice if there is legalization of abortion

Within the peaceful climate of the session, he contrasted the attitude of the Tucuman senator from Together for Change Silvia Elías de Pérez: while the debate was going on, he denounced at a press conference “Intolerable pressures” of Alberto Fernandez for the legalization of abortion to be approved and he anticipated that if it becomes law will raise its unconstitutionality before the Justice.

A week ago versions circulated that Mauricio Macri he was calling on “green” opposition senators to try to get them to change their vote and thus prevent the government from taking a political victory in case the legalization of abortion becomes law. The they denied relatives of the former president and denied the president of the PRO, Patricia Bullrich, whose collaborators clarified that “he did not call anyone to pressure, it is not his style and he does not believe in those plays, and even believes that it is better that the law is voted now because it is not good that this discussion about abortion goes on forever ”.

The president of the PRO senators’ bloc also ruled out any type of pressure, Humberto Schiavoni, who confirmed his vote favorable and rejected that the enactment of the law is a success of the Government. He told Infobae and ratified it in the session: he said that the project of voluntary interruption of pregnancy “It cannot be partisan nor become a flag of political calculation” because it is product of the struggle of thousands and thousands of women that in recent years, decades, they have lived fighting and denouncing the abuses and injustices to which they were subjected ”.

The first senator from Juntos por el Cambio to speak at the session was the Jujuy Mario Fiad, who justified his vote negative. “If this bill becomes law,” he pointed out, ” dreams, projects, opportunities will be aborted for those girls and women for whom we will not change their dramatic reality of daily vulnerability, structural poverty or lack of education ”.

Martín Lousteau, with a green tie in the Senate session
Martín Lousteau, with a green tie in the Senate session

The next was a militant in favor of the legalization of abortion, Mendoza Pamela Verasay: He confirmed his support for the law, although he stressed that it would have been “better” if the Government had sought “an agreement with the opposition” on this issue and criticized the ruling party for the new pension mobility formula that was being discussed in the Chamber of Deputies. “I choose to legislate with my vote to work on a public health policy, so that when a woman reaches that unwanted, not recommended instance, there is a State that accompanies it and thus yes we save lives “, Held.

Victor Zimmerman, senator of JxC for the Chaco, spoke against of the law and warned: “The most precious value that any human being has, regardless of their religious belief, is life, and in that framework I take the opportunity to advance my negative vote because life is not debated, it is defended ”.

The following intervention by an opponent was in charge of the Cordovan senator Laura Rodríguez Machado, vice president of the upper house, who two years ago had voted in favor of the project, although now she has remained in silence and that attitude aroused suspicions about his position.

“Are there senators who vote for this law and defend both lives? Yes, I am one of them. I defend both lives And that is precisely why I think the important thing is that we know the causes of what is happening, why abortions continue in this way, “he said to begin his speech, in which he spoke after “The crack between celestial and green, although both are defending life.”

Senator Humberto Schiavoni confirmed his vote in favor of legal abortion
Senator Humberto Schiavoni confirmed his vote in favor of legal abortion

The legislator confirmed that she will vote in favor of the legalization of abortion and warned that “A law does not oblige to abort” and considered that in this way “the number of abortions in Argentina will decrease.”

Pablo Blanco, Senator of the UCR of Tierra del Fuego, was the next speaker of Together for Change and ratified his position contrary to the law: “I am against this initiative because I am absolutely convinced that from conception life exists and that an unborn person is a being other than the one who engenders it. With my vote I do not legitimize the suppression of that life “, said.

Then the puntano Claudio Poggi also confirmed his vote negative and stated: “We must design public policies that allow take care of the life of the unborn baby and his mother. Public policies include education, care for vulnerable pregnant mothers and the debureaucratization of adoption systems ”.

Another vote negative from the opposition it was the one from Santa Cruz María Belén Tapia: “If this bill were law, so much emphasis is placed only on abortion and its immediate access that it could end up favoring the cover-up of situations of violence against women and girls,” he warned.

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