AMLO’s morning, December 31, minute by minute

8:00 Regarding the National Guard, in 2020 there are 200 regional coordinators, informed the head of the corporation. So far there are 120 barracks built throughout the country and 52 are in their final phase.

7:50 The secretary said that she is not new to addressing public security issues: “I am not new to this,” she said.

7:46 Rodríguez pointed out that fighting insecurity does not start from scratch

7:45 The secretary assured that there will be respect for human rights and that the crime will be prosecuted whoever it is.

7:43 Rosa Icela Rodríguez, Secretary of Security, presents a report on the security situation in the country and on the strategy in the matter.

7:26 President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reports that the only products that will increase in January 2021 will be tobacco, sugary drinks and automotive fuels such as Magna, Premium gasoline and 3.3% diesel.

7:15 The last morning conference of the year of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador begins

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