AMLO. The blackout like yesterday will not be repeated

Behind the blackout from yesterday Monday that affected more than 10 million people, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that this will not be repeated, and reported that this affected 12 entities, but stressed that it was resolved in two hours.

In a press conference, the head of the federal Executive stated that this incident will be used by those who promote the privatization of the Federal electricity commission (CFE) to ensure that the institution does not serve.

“It is not going to be repeated, it was an imbalance according to what the technicians said. Some plants went out of operation and this generated a lack of control in the entire electrical system because the electrical system is totally interconnected, it is a national network, so when there is a failure, it affects not only one state, but neighboring states, as it happened and there are security systems to avoid causing damage to the electrical system, and these security systems automatically enter, that is what happened, “said the president.

“There were several states, 12 states who stayed without electrical power. Fortunately, in a very short time, in two hours the service was restored ”, he said.

In the Treasury room of the National Palace, the president acknowledged the work of the CFE technicians in restoring electricity to the affected entities.

“I want to recognize the CFE technicians, the workers, they are very good, they are the best, so they are going to present a report today on the causes that caused this blackout in 12 states.”

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President López Obrador reiterated that this failure will not be repeated, as he assured that there is a good service from the CFE and pointed out that when these incidents happen, those who are in favor of privatization will say that the CFE does not work and that it should be privatized.

“That is how they started when they were going to privatize Telefonos de México (Telmex) saying that the Telmex service was terrible, they prepared the ground and handed over to Telmex. So there is always that temptation more now that we have proposed to strengthen the CFE and Pemex, which are two essential public companies ”.

He assured that if both institutions had been privatized, the price of electricity would have increased “for that reason we need to strengthen CFE, which is a company owned by all Mexicans.”


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