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AMLO shows a room in the National Palace dedicated to social fighters

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador made a tour of the “Daniel Cabrera y los Olvidados” room of the National Palace, where he pointed out that there are photographs of fighters social of the nineteenth century, like the guerrilla Lucio Cabins, the engineer Heberto Castillo, as well as the railroad leader Demetrio Vallejo.

In a video broadcast on his social networks, the head of the federal Executive indicated that in this room there are also photographs of the doctor Salvador Nava and the writer José María Pérez Gay.

“This is the new room as” Daniel Cabrera “already knows it. Here are the personalities that have made history, especially in the third transformation, in the Mexican Revolution, women and men to this day, those who recently participated in the movement for democracy in the country and were already ahead of us, such as engineer Heberto Castillo, such as Lucio Cabañas, such as doctor (Salvador) Nava, like José María Pérez Gay, Jaime Avilés, Demetrio Vallejo; in short, those who are closer to this stage that we are experiencing of transformation and I told them that this room contains all the revolutionaries and many forgotten heroes, ”said the president.

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In the recording, President López Obrador recalled that this Sunday marked the 97th anniversary of the execution of the revolutionary Felipe Carrillo Puerto, in Mérida, Yucatán, and whom he described as a progressive revolutionary from the Mexican southeast.

“I consider and there are surely other similar opinions regarding the fact that in the Mexican Revolution, the political part, arises from the north of the country, hence Francisco I. Madero, also Don Venustiano Carranza, Obregón, and others.

“The political revolution, the social revolution has more to do with the south, and basically with Emiliano Zapata, and the ideological Revolution, I think it is expressed, it is manifested in the southeast and there is a special year, 1915, in which he is about to be governor of Veracruz, Heriberto Jara; in Tabasco he was governor in 1915 Francisco J. Múgica, the revolutionary that I admire most for his integrity, for his principles, and also in 1915, in 1917 he is governor of Yucatán Salvador Alvarado, who was of Sinaloa origin, like Múgica, from Michoacán, but hey they were acting, serving as governors of the southeast, a great ideological movement, “he commented.

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He recalled that after the general Salvador Alvarado, Felipe Carrillo Puerto, arrived as governor of Yucatan, after being nominated by the Southeast Socialist Party, and whoever won the elections with a large majority, because, he said, “he was very well liked, because he was the representative of the oppressed, he was the representative of the indigenous Mayans, he was the defender of the poor, he did very important things.”

President López Obrador recalled that Carillo Puerto was a promoter of the women’s rights, like his sister, Elvia Carillo Puerto, who promoted the right of women to political participation.

“And he got with his brother that for the first time a woman, a councilor, came out as a popular representative in Yucatán.”

The president pointed out that due to the progressive policies promoted by Carillo Puerto, he not only attracted the attention of political leaders in Mexico, but also foreigners and journalists.

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“At that time that he is governor of Yucatán, a journalist arrives, a representative sent from the newspaper New York Times, Alma Reed, who was the Yucatan correspondent of the New York Times. Reed calls and well they meet and interview him and it is known, it is legend or reality that he orders a song to be made with a poet, a Yucatecan composer, two (Luis Rosado Vega placeholder image and set to music by the troubadour Ricardo Palmerin) and that song is a hymn.

“To remember this story, the song is called “Pilgrim”, It is a song dedicated to Alma Reed, and I would like us to listen to it ”, said the president before the melody performed by Los Juglares is heard.


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