AMLO on the scandal in CFE by apocryphal document: “It is good to admit that a mistake was made”

(Photo: Courtesy of the Presidency)
(Photo: Courtesy of the Presidency)

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, assured this Wednesday in his press conference that an investigation will be carried out to clarify the causes that originated the massive blackout on December 28, pointed out that an event like this will not be repeated, He also said that “it is good to have the ability to rectify and tell the truth”

“I think it is good to recognize that a mistake was made or, more than that, that an event, an incident, was invented. So that the Federal Commission continue to carry out the investigation and that the causes are known.

What I am sure of is that it will not be repeated because,Regardless of what caused the outage, the electrical system is working fine. They are, I have already said and I repeat, very good electrical workers, technicians.

And those who want the electricity system to fail constantly – that’s why there was so much publicity about this case – because they are the ones who have bet on the privatization of the Federal Electricity Commission, and also those who bet that we as a government go badly.

Tamaulipas Civil Protection confirmed the fire (Photo: CFE courtesy)
Tamaulipas Civil Protection confirmed the fire (Photo: CFE courtesy)

But how good that you have the ability to rectify, not fall into complacency, that is a distinctive of this government. In addition, this is how a democratic government must be, have the ability to rectify and always tell the truth.

So, now it will be up to the Federal Electricity Commission to clarify if it was not what they initially argued, because this document is apocryphal; then, give the explanation, what caused the blackout, and go ahead. Before, nothing changed, that is, Before there was complete silence, but not now, now public life has to be more and more public, the people cannot be deceived“Said the Mexican president.

The incident in the electricity supply of Mexico occurred on December 28 was the reason that detonated a conflict what looks for long between the government of Tamaulipas and the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE). The dilemma arises in the existence or not of a fire in the municipality of Padilla, which affected some supply lines.

Image of burned grass in the area (Photo: courtesy CFE)
Image of burned grass in the area (Photo: courtesy CFE)

While the state government dismisses the document as apocryphal with which the Commission accredited the existence of the fire, Manuel Bartlett, general director of the CFE, assured that the fire did occur and that the issue will be found out about to the job that has generated so much noise.

Through the Twitter account of the State production company, Bartlett Díaz assured the existence of the fire that damaged power transmission lines and specified that the line of investigation on the document that showed it is very apart.

“Yes there was a fire, it is proven, the elements that the CFE has make it clear. We are going to seek that this issue of the trade is resolved and found out. There will be people in charge of that apocryphal document, the document is not the explanation of the failure “, published in the title of Manuel Bartlett.

The story related to this publication began on the afternoon of December 28 of last year, when for little more than an hour, a failure in the supply and distribution of electricity affected more than 10 million users.

Damage to transmission lines began in northeastern Mexico (Photo: Courtesy CFE)
Damage to transmission lines began in northeastern Mexico (Photo: Courtesy CFE)

Initially, that same day, the CFE explained that there was a voltage variation, which automatically activated the recovery systems, which temporarily suspend the power supply until its demand and supply are equal again.

That is, in a staggered manner, the affected households were recovering the service while the company generated the energy and distributed it gradually.

The next day, after having carried out expert reports in the area where the failure began, the company’s board of directors explained that the origin of the damage was due to a fire in Tamaulipas and that they had a Civil Protection document from the state confirming the location of fire.


Noé Peña Silva, CFE Director of Transmission, explained that the failure was caused by a fire that occurred in the municipality of Padilla, Tamaulipas, which affected the transmission lines between Linares and Ciudad Victoria.

In detail, the official narrated that cold front number 23 brought with it strong winds in the area, to this is added that it is the dry season of the year in which the grasslands tend to suffer fires. So un outbreak of fire that appeared in the place was fanned by the wind, in such a way that it affected 30 hectares in the municipality.

As a result of this fire, five transmission lines were affected: two between Ciudad Victoria and Linares, another two between Mazatlán and Tepic and one between Durango and Fresnillo. And, with this, the supply in various parts of the republic were affected.

On his own, Pedro Granados, state coordinator of Civil Protection of Tamaulipas, pointed out that the office shown during the virtual conference of the CFE is apocryphal.


According to the state official, the signature on the document shown as proof by engineer Noé Peña Silva It is not from Emmanuel González Márquez, coordinator of Civil Protection in municipalitiesIt also pointed out that it lacks the corresponding stamps and said that the folio number is not real.

For this reason, a series of discreditations have arisen between both factions, for which the ability to provide electricity in the CFE and, at the same time, is in question. the credibility of the Tamaulipas government.

So far there is no third force investigating both versions; However, Manuel Bartlet has already announced that this case will be clarified.


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AMLO on the scandal in CFE by apocryphal document: “It is good to admit that a mistake was made”

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