AMLO on false document of the blackout

Mexico City /

Before the circulation of a false document about the blackout of December 28 of last year, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador told the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) that “it is good” to recognize when a mistake has been made

“It is good to recognize that a mistake or more than that was made, that an event, an incident has been invented, then that the Federal (Electricity) Commission continue to carry out the investigation and that the causes are known, “he said.

In the morning conference, the president indicated that the most important thing in the face of this event is that it should not be repeated because, regardless of what caused the blackout, “the electrical system is working well”.

López Obrador reiterated his trust in electrical workers. Furthermore, he noted that there was a lot of publicity about the case, since their adversaries seek the privatization of the CFE and that their government does badly.

“How good that one has the ability to rectify, not fall into complacency, is a hallmark of this government. This is how a democratic government must be, have the ability to rectify and tell the truth. Clarify what they argued at the beginning because the document is apocryphal, give the explanation that caused the blackout and move on ”.

He recalled that in previous governments there was not the same level of communication that there is with his, because public life must be transparent, without “deceiving the people,” he said.


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