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AMLO, in December 277 thousand jobs were lost due to outsourcing

He President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported that in the month of December They got lost by subcontracting or outsourcing 277 thousand jobs, which broke the streak in job recovery after the arrival of the crisis generated by the pandemic of the Covid-19.

In a video of more than half an hour broadcast on his social networks, the head of the federal Executive trusted that between the months of January and March 650 thousand jobs will be generated, and the figure of 20 million 500 thousand workers who were registered in the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) before the pandemic started.

“We were doing very well now, as they say in my town,” we were doing so well. We had already recovered about 600 thousand jobs. We lost about a million to the pandemic, and we have already had 600 thousand, but in December, which is an atypical month, since the famous outsourcing, subcontracting, has been laid off, many workers registered in the Social Security so as not to pay them benefits, so as not to give them bonuses.

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“Well, we lost for that reason in December, after we had been gaining jobs month after month, we lost 277 thousand jobs. Anyway, as we already had about 600 thousand, we recovered 350 thousand; We are going for 650 thousand jobs, which I consider we are going to obtain, they are going to be generated from January to March this year ”.

In the recording made from his studio at his home in Tlalpan in Mexico City, the president trusted that at the end of March “we will be like before the pandemic in terms of generating employment.”

“We are going to have 20 million 500 thousand workers registered in Social Security again,” he predicted.


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