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AMLO blames outsourcing for job losses in December

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) acknowledged that 277 thousand were lost jobs formalities in December after four consecutive months of recovery, however, it anticipates a full recovery in March.

“We were doing so well, we had already recovered about 600 thousand jobsWe lost around 1 million to the pandemic and we had already recovered 600 thousand ”, reported the Chief Executive.

This Saturday, from the National Palace, the chief executive gave a message that he transmitted on his social networks and pointed out that the loss of jobs is due to “outsourcing“.

This scheme was created by the 2012 labor reform that allows a company to delegate the provision of services to a third party, according to the EFE agency.

“In December, which is an atypical month since the famous ‘outsourcing’, subcontracting, is fired, many workers registered in social security are fired for not paying them benefits, so as not to give them bonuses,” argued López Obrador.

Besides of outsourcing, the federal president indicated that the COVID-19 pandemic caused the loss of 1.1 million jobs registered with the Instituto México del Seguro Social (IMSS).

“We are going for 650 thousand jobs, which I believe will be generated from January to March of this year, at the end of March we will be like before the pandemic in terms of job creation, we will have social security registered again to 20 million 500 thousand workers ”, promised López Obrador.

We will emerge from the health and economic crisis: AMLO

Likewise, the President trusted that, this year, the country will come out of the health and economic crisis, as a “very good strategy is being applied to reactivate the economy, and the results prove it.”

He stressed that there is a recovery of jobs, there is no devaluation of the peso, the price of oil recovered and inflation remains under control.

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