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AMLO asks not to use money or influence to first access the vaccine

After it started with the application of the first Pfizer vaccines against COVID-19 to health personnel in Mexico, various complaints were made that these doses were applied to hospital officials and not to doctors who fight pandemic on the front line.

As a result of this situation, the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador made a call to Mexicans from his morning conference in the National Palace so that “no one skip the line” in the vaccination campaign.

“We are going to be very vigilant, and I ask all Mexicans to help us so that no one skips the line, that they act with rectitude and equity,” said the president.

The president assured that his administration works to prevent the existence of influentialism in the distribution of the drug and that it is applied exclusively to doctors and nurses who care for patients infected with the drug. coronavirus.

“We are insisting that there be no influentialism, that the health workers who are vaccinated are those in COVID hospitals, and that the second group is for older adults, wherever they are, “he said.

Finally, the President described as something “immoral” the use of money or influence to access the vaccine first.

“Nothing that because I have money I am going to have the vaccine first, or I am a politician, I am influential, I am going to have the vaccine first, that is not, it is immoral,” he said.

Minutes earlier, López Obrador revealed that the batch of Pfizer vaccines that reaches Mexico It will be applied as a second dose to health personnel who were vaccinated with the first batch.

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