AMLO announces that there will no longer be morning conferences

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured this morning that because in most of the media there is objectivity, they are reporting responsibly and professionally and there is true and truthful news, their traditional morning press conference will disappear, and it will only be reported through newsletters.

However, this is part of a joke to be celebrated this Monday on the Day of the Holy Innocents.

At the beginning of his press conference, the head of the federal Executive pointed out that his mornings would be on Wednesdays at noon.

“We are no longer going to have these meetings, these circular dialogues because there are more advances in information, most of the media in the country are fulfilling their responsibility in a professional manner, there is certain, truthful news, there is objectivity in the media , so that we no longer need to be here reporting every morning.

“We are going to have a weekly press conference, it will be on Wednesdays, at 12:00 noon. Every Wednesday we will report ”.

At the National Palace, the president joked that Jesús Ramírez, presidential spokesman, will release information about his government through newsletters, “as it was before.”

“This is going to be the last presentation of Ricardo (Sheffield Padilla, head of the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office) because next Monday there will be no morning, but if you can join me on Wednesdays at 12:00 noon,” he said .

An hour later, in the Treasury room, President López Obrador reported that this was a joke and that it was whatever they wanted, said the conservative press, “they would rub their hands.”

“How do you think we are not going to have the morning? they would rub their hands, all the conservative press, subsidized.

“It would just be getting hit. Look at the newspapers today, I have not seen them, but it is not necessary. It is obvious that everyone is against us, the majority, not all and the same in radio programs, television, social networks, and yes, but there is more debate, there are messages back and forth there is more even . Instead, a television newscast is what they say, and there is no reply, or the reply is given until the next day, “he said.

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