AMLO. An “argüende” is made for blackout; it is electoral political matter

After Tamaulipas Civil Protection informed that he will file a complaint for a apocryphal office who presented the Federal electricity commission (CFE) on the fire in Padilla, Tamaulipas that led to a blackout which affected more than 10.3 million people, the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador stated that the investigation be carried out, but pointed out that this is a political-electoral matter and that a “Argue”.

“That the investigation be done, it is good that they present a complaint for an independent authority to decide or resolve. What I think is that it is a electoral political issue”.

“I spoke yesterday that our adversaries, the conservatives, they are very upset because the CFE is being rescued, because they and I am not raising false ones, they are supporters of the privatization of the electricity industry, of the privatization of oil because we are different. “said the president.

“So they want it to go badly, well they bet that the CFE plants turned into scrap, as they did with the petrochemical plants, which left them turned into scrap so that the energy market is managed by private initiative (… ) As we have these differences, which are legitimate, we respect them, now with the fire or not, with what the blackout produced, they are generating a whole argument, a Zapareco ”, he explained.

At a press conference in the National Palace, the president pointed out that his government considers that the energy sector is strategic for the development of Mexico “and that if Pemex is strengthened, if the CFE is strengthened, we will guarantee the development of the country and that there is wellness”.

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“We do not want the profits of the oil and the electricity industry to remain in the hands of individuals, we want those profits to benefit the people of Mexico,” he added.

After the Civil Protection of Tamaulipas confirmed that an official letter that the CFE presented on Tuesday afternoon is apocryphal, as proof of an alleged fire that generated a blackout that affected several towns in the country last Monday, the state government will file a complaint for falsification of documents and apocryphal signature of a state official.

Sources consulted by EL UNIVERSAL, confirmed that said complaint will be made in the state and federal instance.

Pedro Granados, state coordinator of Civil Protection of Tamaulipas, said that the official letter shown by CFE officials is false, since the signature does not correspond to that of the coordinator of Civil Protection in Municipalities, Emmanuel González Márquez, in addition to not having stamps and the folio number is not real.

After a blackout that affected more than 10 million people and various localities in the country on Monday, December 28, the Federal Electricity Commission said that a major fire in a 30-hectare pasture in the municipality of Padilla, in Tamaulipas, it had been the cause of the electrical failure.

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