AMLO. “A scandal is made” by the blackout last Monday

After blackout last Monday and that affected more than 10.3 million people, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador stated that it “makes a scandal” and accused that there is a group that wants the debacle of the Federal electricity commission (CFE) and that he does not want his CEO Manuel Barttlet, but he recalled that it was the Executive who appointed him.

At a press conference, the head of the federal Executive indicated that he demanded that the CFE director review private companies, such as Iberdrola because “we are not going to be accomplices of corruption.”

“It is evident that these conservatives and many do not want Manuel Bartlett, and I respect everyone, but there is a group that does not want Manuel Bartlett, because the instruction that Manuel Bartlett has, is more not Manuel Bartlett, it is not with Manuel Bartlett, it is with the President, because Manuel Bartlett depends on the head of the Executive, I appointed him, so they think that he is seeing the contracts with Iberdrola is the intransigent, no, I am asking him to see those contracts, I am demanding that he see that, because we are not going to be accomplices of corruption, “said the president.

“So they campaign against public servants, not against everyone, because those who see moderate strawberries, they don’t touch them, those who see with more definition, closer to what the president thinks, they give , but hard. So I realize all this, ”he said.

In the National Palace, the president assured that private businesses have spokespersons in the media in Mexico and abroad who “They make a scandal” like the blackout last Monday afternoon.

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“There is a problem like this blackout and they make a scandal and assume that it is already the CFE debacle, which they would like, that they want, so that the sector is delivered to individuals, it is a business matter, basically” .

He assured that his government has made a commitment not to increase the price of electricity, and has complied, but pointed out that it is necessary that there are no abuses “and that these companies do not have leonine contracts.”

In the Treasury room, Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that, to the President of the Republic, the only business that matters to him is public business.

“I am here to defend the interests of the citizens, of the people of Mexico, they do not pay me, I already said it and I repeat it, Iberdrola does not pay me,” he said.


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