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America’s players express their annoyance over bad refereeing

While Roger Martínez said he felt powerless because of the whistler’s work, Henry Martín expressed his disbelief at the final penalty in networks

America forward Roger Martínez lamented the lack of character in refereeing decisions by central Mario Escobar in the first leg of the Concacaf Champions League quarterfinals and assured that there were plays that had to be reviewed in the WHERE.

Much impotence because they are very clear faults and should be reviewed. I don’t know what happened at that time. They made me several fouls that were yellow, but it was not like that. I think we played a good game and were superior. To think about what is coming and to get the series out, “he said at a press conference at the end of the game before Portland.

Nevertheless, Martínez He does not consider that bad refereeing decisions are not retaliation because the Azulcrema team raised their voices for fair play and are now focused on Pumas and the return game against Portland.

“I think we shouldn’t think about that (past statements). I think that each one must review what he did well or badly and we must think about what is coming and about getting the series out. They are very even, competitive games and we like America We must always think about winning and fighting above ”, he said.

Meanwhile, his teammates Nicolás Castillo and Henry Martín, raised their voices on their social networks for Escobar’s bad refereeing. Through your accounts Instagram, the two forwards gave their opinion on the Guatemalan’s work.

“Incredible today,” put Henry. “Unbelievable,” Castillo said. Both battering rams accompanied their publications with disapproving emoticons as a complaint to the central defender’s work.

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