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America lives its worst game of Guard1anes 2021 and Cruz Azul will finish as leader

America lived its worst game of Guard1anes 2021 by succumbing to a resounding 3-1 against Toluca, which was better than Santiago Solari’s team, who in his goal of rotating his squad ended up erring in tactics and with it put an end to the eight-game streak without defeat in Liga MX that the capital’s team had.

The azulcrema box was surprised by an opponent who exploited the power of Alexis Canelo, who proved his worth from the first ball he had in the first minutes of play. The Argentine striker received his back from the left side and showed his power by beating Emanuel Aguilera, who in the race to catch up with the rival was lying on the grass. Canelo faced Guillermo Ochoa and gave the ball to Michael Estrada, who first finished off and put the first goal in the Nemesio Diez.

America was nervous and proof of this was the error of Bryan Colula, who when returning the ball gave a corner kick, a play where the second goal was born, since at the moment of rejecting the ball, Nico Benedetti was outlined badly to fight the ball overhead, this caused Raúl ‘Dedos’ López to keep the ball and without hesitation he put a shoe that was embedded in the lower right corner.

With a 2-0 in just 10 minutes, America had to put a cool head, but in the search to regain form the team looked bad, with few correct passes, no offensive capacity and many failures in defense.

The Eagles had some attempts through Richard Sánchez and Mauro Lainez, but these were not enough to find the rival goal and find the score that gave them the desired goal.

Richard finished with power to the first post, but goalkeeper Luis García reacted in a good way to prevent the rival’s goal.

Just starting the second half Benedetti tried to make a hat to Jorge Torres Nilo, but he put his hand in, an action that was not seen at first by the whistling Óscar Macías, who had to resort to VAR to indicate the maximum penalty, but without sanction the defender with a second yellow.

From the penalty spot Emanuel Aguilera gave hope to the feathered team by defining in a good way against Garcia.

The Devils continued to exploit the right side of the azulcrema side, an area that was affected by the poor performance that Bryan Colula showed throughout the game.

Solari moved his bench keeping in mind the game in the middle of the week against Portland corresponding to the Concacaf Champions League and between the movements he tried to strengthen his average with the entry of Santiago Naveda and Álvaro Fidalgo.

The azulcrema team insisted, it was sharp through centers that looked for the errors of the defenders and one of the most important occasions was Benedetti, who improved in the second half and took the ball to appear on the scoreboard, but his shot came out bounced by Torres Nilo.

A clearance from the Toluca area fell at the feet of Alexis Canelo, who with his power defeated Bruno Valdez and facing the goal he yielded to Estrada, who feigned up to three times and instead of shooting he returned the ball to the goal scorer. team, who did not forgive and sentenced the 3-1.

With the scoreboard in their favor and a defeated rival, Toluca knew how to get around the rest of the commitment, where America tried to be more insistent, but they did not generate an occasion of real danger in the rival frame.

For America the goal of reaching 40 points suddenly ended at the Nemesio Diez and now they will have to face the tournament in the area, where they are one of the favorites to win the championship.

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