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Ambriz: I’m going easy. I don’t owe anything to the fans who didn’t love me at first

Ignacio Ambriz said goodbye to León and his fans after being eliminated by Toluca in the playoffs

After León’s defeat against Toluca, which meant the last game of Ignacio Ambriz as technical director of the emerald teamThe strategist said he was going to be calm because of what he achieved with the shoal team despite having a hard start with the fans when he was announced as the chosen one for the bench.

“I’m leaving in peace. I have no more to clarify after what the directive released in the statement. I just want to thank the fans who at first did not agree that I cameToday I am simply pleased that at the end, when I came out, they applauded me and I think that as I said in the final, I don’t owe the fans anything, I thank them for the support they always gave me. “

Likewise, the hitherto technical champion of Mexican soccer acknowledged feeling a total gratitude towards the Bajío team, commenting that the emeralds will be an institution that he will carry in his heart all his life.

“It is a team that I will always respect, it is a team that I will admire because it has a great history of many people who have passed through here, I had to put that eighth star and although I would have loved to put one more, it was not possible. For the fans to return to the stadium, we made people happy with the team and I could only wish them well and have a lot of respect for them. “

Ambriz, for the moment, will only spend time with his family, so he rules out that he already has a proposal to direct in Mexican soccer.

“First I need to get home, see my children who are here with me, talk with them and what is coming, the truth is, I don’t know, I have not met with Lalo Hernández and I plan to do it next week, but I want to to say that I have nothing on the doorstep because that gives me the peace of mind of having my conscience clear, I will work with him and with my coaching staff “.

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