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Amazon illegally fired two critical employees, according to US agency

San Francisco, United States.

Amazon illegally fired two of its female employees last year for publicly criticizing the company, retaliation that is not permitted by US lawaccording to the US National Labor Relations Board, an independent federal agency.

The New York Times newspaper, which contacted one of the two affected former workers, said on Monday that the board, in charge of protecting the rights of private sector workers, has notified her and her partner that she will press charges against Amazon, if you don’t offer them compensation.

“It is a moral victory and shows that we are on the right side of history and on the right side of the law,” he told the newspaper. Emily Cunningham, who was fired in mid-April of last year along with her partner Maren Costa.

These two user experience designers posted on Twitter on several occasions their disagreements with the Seattle Company Run (Washington state, USA), both in terms of environmental policies and labor protection and safety.

In particular, Cunningham and Costa They criticized the response that Amazon was adopting to the COVID-19 pandemic – at that time the first wave was rising in the US – and argued that it was not doing enough to guarantee the safety and health of its employees, especially from delivery men and warehouse workers.

The firm headed by Jeff Bezos justified the firings because the workers had “violated internal corporate regulations”, which prevented employees from speaking publicly on internal issues without authorization from their superiors.

This resolution comes just as the board scrutinizes the votes of an election between the employees of an Amazon warehouse in Alabama to decide whether to organize into a union, which would be the first of the company’s workers in the US.

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