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Amazon: FBI Arrests Man Who Thought to Blow Up Large AWS Data Center and Wreak Internet Havoc

Mr. Robot’s dystopia was about to come true. After a follow-up, the FBI arrested a man for allegedly plotting to bomb a large data center on the outskirts of Washington DC.

The 28-year-old man named Seth Aron Pendley was arrested on Thursday after allegedly trying buy supplies to make explosives to an undercover FBI agent, The Washington Post reports.

Pendley’s goal was to detonate a bomb in a Amazon Web Services in Ashburn, Virginia, and after an exhaustive investigation by the authorities, they discovered that the subject had flaunted his participation in the taking of the Capitol on his social networks, but said he did not enter the building.

Threat neutralized

Pendley came to the attention of the FBI after a striking post on the forum, where, under the name “Dionysus”, the suspect published that he was going to “carry out a little experiment” with the aim of causing some death. A concerned user alerted authorities to the threat.

“We are indebted to the concerned citizen who came forward to report on the defendant’s alarming online rhetoric,” said Prerak Shah, the acting federal prosecutor, in the US Department of Justice statement. FBI, this individual may have saved the lives of several tech workers. “

Hurt the internet

In addition, the FBI said that Pendley had used the encrypted messaging app Signal to communicate their plans to use C-4 explosives to blow up the data center with an anonymous source, who later stated to authorities that Pendley wanted to “kill about 70 percent of the Internet.”

Pendley is under arrest and awaiting trial. If found guilty, he can spend 20 years of his life in prison.

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