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Amani (16) missing – the court issued a ban on contact with her father

Where’s Amani? Friends, teachers, family members and the police have been asking this question for more than a month. Because for so long there is no trace of the young woman from Baden-Württemberg.

Ehingen (Baden-Wuerttemberg) – On July 26th, two days before the start of summer vacation, Amani was seen by classmates around 7:20 a.m. A little later, her gray school backpack with the black dots is discovered in a wood near the Magdalena Neff School in Ehingen. This also contained the student’s cell phone, wallet and school supplies.

Since then, the young woman has been searched tirelessly, relatives and friends of the girl have been interviewed. So far unsuccessful. According to a police spokesman, it was completely open whether it could be a crime.

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“Attention, manhunt” also went in search of clues, also asked the 16-year-old family – unsuccessfully. Now the tutor expresses an unspeakable suspicion. Beatrice Fernandez: “Either the father took the chance to kidnap her and marry her or Amani cleverly planned that she could go her own way!”

The police have now confirmed the research carried out by our team of reporters. After an incident in May, the family court issued a ban on approaching the father for the family’s apartment in the 300-inhabitant community of Rechtenstein.

As BILD learned, the police even had to intervene in the incident in May. The exact background is not yet known. However, such approach bans are usually issued if, for example, there is violence in the family environment. The police stressed that this did not necessarily have to do with Amani’s disappearance. The father is still not a suspect.

However, Amani’s friends describe the missing person’s relationship with their father as “war”. “Since she disappeared, I’ve only been afraid that something bad might have happened to her,” one of her best friends told BILD.

The father now lives about half an hour away from his wife and children. During an interview with BILD am SONNTAG five days after the disappearance, BILD reporter Sascha Baumann met his father in Rechtenstein.

In the interrogation of witnesses to the police, the father repeatedly said that he suspected that Amani had been kidnapped, but did not provide any further details. From police circles you can hear that you have to work with this statement until you know something else.

Together with her family, Amani fled the hell of the Syrian civil war in Aleppo to Baden-Württemberg in 2017. They found a new home in Rechtenstein.

“Amani was always enthusiastic about it, wanted to learn. She was very open, very warm and incredibly grateful. She was happy in Germany and wanted to play soccer. It has blossomed, ”says teacher Beatrice, describing her tutor. She tearfully reports: “When I heard that she was missing, I was immediately afraid that she would be killed.”

The police are asking for help! Anyone who saw Amani or observed something suspicious on July 26th should report to the police. Every hint, no matter how small, can be important for the officers!

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