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Amanda Miguel says goodbye to her iconic hair

Amanda Miguel is one of the most famous singers, with a great trajectory and great achievements in her career.

Always recognized in addition to her achievements, for her iconic black, long and curly hair, which characterized her.

But now, the Argentine celebrity decided to drastically change her look at 64 years old, and accept her gray hair with pride.

Amanda Miguel says goodbye to her iconic hair and accepts her gray hair with pride

Through the networks, the singer published some images in which she showed her new appearance and surprised her followers.

“I know that for many it will be a shock to see me without my traditional hair, but at the beginning of the pandemic I decided to cut it off and let it grow from scratch with the color that I already have naturally. What do you think? ”, Wrote the singer.

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In the images, she wears a fringed dress in black and orange, and she wears her hair short, and gray, looking different and very beautiful.

The singer received thousands of compliments from her followers, who congratulated her not only for her beauty, but also for her great lesson in self-love and acceptance.

“Your beauty goes beyond your hair, you look perfect”, “Wow you are unrecognizable, but gorgeous”, “I admire your decision and applaud it”, “You are the most beautiful, an example”, “You look divine”, and “What a beautiful woman” were some of the compliments she received.

The celebrity also said she was healthy and in the company of her family. “I want to tell you some beautiful things about my life that I sincerely wish to share with you… Thanks to GOD I am SANA surrounded by love from my family, from all my collaborators and from you, my beloved followers who accompany me at all times.

This in relation to the health problem that she suffered a few months ago, and for which she had to undergo emergency surgery when five nodules were detected on her thyroid.

That is why, according to a source close to the singer, she underwent chemotherapies, and that is why she was disappeared from the networks for a while until now.

Fortunately, she is better and will return to the stage with her husband Diego Verdaguer and his daughter Ana Victoria in May for a virtual concert.

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